I recently signed up my kids for swimming lessons in Singapore. Having peruse countless websites of swim schools that offer children classes, I came to the conclusion that most of the schools were the same. They had the same happy kids, the same sunshine teachers, the same testimonials, roughly the same price and the same inflexible terms and conditions.

No make up classes whatsoever.

No make up classes in the event of bad weather and the class is cancelled.

No make up classes if the class falls on a public holiday.

No make up classes if the child is ill and without a valid medical certificate issued by a certified physician.

On the other hand, I like to point out that when I was looking for an Art class for kids, I pleasantly discovered this one school that was really flexible in terms of scheduling and was really a great help to parents.

Lessons can be rescheduled anytime within 30 days of class.

Lessons ideally be rescheduled within the same week to ensure completion of artwork.

If unable to reschedule within the same week, the school will prepare a smaller art work that can be completed in 1 session (most of the artwork was longer pieces that spans 2 weeks)

As a parent, I will lean towards flexibility as you never know with kids.

As a consumer, I will lean towards flexibility too, as s**t always happens.

Given a choice, I would not have chosen the swim school I had.

So, the swim education industry is just begging for a disruptive new comer.

Is your business waiting to be disrupted too?

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