In the beginning

In the beginning of every business there was a desire to do something more than the mundane.

To be able to get out of the 9-6 job routine.

To be able to earn “exponentially” more money.

To be able to create something that is valuable and offer it to people.

To be able to bring something of value to the table

To change perception.

To change people’s life.

Here’s a story of how I stumbled into starting and running a business selling physical products online.

I had always been seeking out something more to do and accomplish, beyond my regular day job. I had toyed with many ideas and ran them as a side hustle.

There was a shop for you service, to provide a service to help customers buy from Taobao directly, not AliExpress. We had a few enquiries, but it never officially launched due to partnership issues.

There was also an idea for a recruitment referral program. Unfortunately, it wasn’t market tested, and our dev work never completed.

Then I went traditional and sold children clothing online. We were buying from Taobao and reselling then in Singapore, our home country. We sold only pieces that we loved and our children would wear. It was a good business, but it was limited in scale because we were not getting wholesale pricing from the supplier and our margins were thin. Logistic cost and returns added up and while it sold well, it was not making money. And, we stopped.

This final and current idea was something we stumbled upon. My Wife and I had our first daughter and we were looking for more natural products to use in the home. Just like everybody else, we started to switch the personal care products that we were using, then, we also started to switch to a natural cleaning product, because we found out (gasps!) how important that was too. We stumbled across the brand of natural soap because our daughters later went to same school. We loved the products and loved the family and decided to take and exclusive distribution for the product into this part of Asia.

And, so it begins.