In a global economy, the everyday products we used are made from every corner of the earth.

Made in China
Made in Japan
Made in Korea
Made in India
Made in Malaysia
Made in Australia
Made in New Zealand
Made in USA

The list goes on …

Does it matter?

It seems, it does to a lot of people.

But, does it really matter?

I’m really not so sure.

In addition to where a product is made, what’s important is which company is making it and what their values are.

Is a company profit driven and sacrificing safety and quality in the process?

I can think of countless global FMCG Brands who have sold large quantities of products that were later recalled due to safety issues.

Brands who have marketed a benefit but in fact was not providing the benefit.

Think of brands who have “relaunched” their brand with “better” ingredients and “better” quality, while concurrently selling the older “inferior” product.

Then there are brands who shout out loud their CSR activities, but totally ignore their actual production process.

Does it matter where a product is made?

At the end of the day, I believe it is more important to understand the company and its production process to decide if a product is of value* to you.

*Value of a product is discussed in a separate post

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