Isn’t ironic that as we progress in society, technology and economically, we sacrifice real living for convenience and “comforts”.

In the bustle of a city, people are paying a premium for silence and peace.

In a supermarket, with an abundance of choices, we struggle to find real food, and pay a premium again for those.

In an modern urban landscape, we find it so hard to find nature, to feel the grass on your feet, to let the wind breeze through your hair, or to see birds in their natural habitat. Yet, another premium to pay for going back to nature.

Many nutritionist, health coaches and medical practitioners are going further to advocate for us to go back to “cavemen” diets and ancestral fitness patterns.

So, we know our grandparents generation were healthier, but what changed?

The industrial revolution.

The period of rapid growth that fuel consumerism and convenience.

We value packaged food over whole food because it’s convenient.

We value television, phones and multi media over real communication because it’s numbing.

We value processed products over raw products because it’s pretty.

What gives?

Our health gets compromised.

Our relationships gets compromised.

Our lives gets compromised.

We know it’s better to eat unprocessed food, limit screen time, have real conversations, walk in the parks, yet why do we struggle so much? Or, why do we ignore it?

It’s convenient for you now, but it won’t be for your children’s.

It’s easy for you now, but it won’t be for your children’s.

The Mrs and I struggle everyday between getting work done and getting wholesome meals prepared and the home cleaned.

It’s not easy, but we do our best, and then, we leave it all in His hands.

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